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About KBLsystems

Starting of in the early 70 's KBL (a hippie acronym for KaBouterLight) used to be a dedicated rock 'n roll rental company.

After a working life in the international pro-audio industry, Thei Munten (KBL's founder) nowadays does research, design and manufacture dedicated audio solutions for demanding professionals.

Definition, precision and a musical representation of the program material are imperative in these designs, branded under the name KBLsystems

If you are looking for our former rental activities, best phone


for both DIY rental with KBLverhuurbalie and total services with PALS
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Studio AVM and Herrie Productie Studio Studios
KoosRoadservice Old Skool rock 'n roll

KBLsystems Audio Lab

If you are interested in the new technologies used in our designs, or into ramblings on audio in general
do take a look at our blogspot or brandnew Instagram!

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Contact KBLsystems

No (mobile) phone whatsoever but do feel free to email us to provide some feedback on our designs, give us suggestions for new projects, or to just say hello!